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We were having a stayover at her place as her parents weren’t home that night and we finally did it for the first time on our first anniversary together. Both of us always gave each other our fair share of play to satisfy our fetishes which we absolutely love and enjoy whenever we go on stay-cations or holidays


. I was driving my family's minivan which Gracy preferred over a regular car as she could lie in the back and she fell asleep as soon as I started driving out the mall's' carpark and decided to head towards the beach as we always enjoy the waves crashing on the shore.

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. “Come and take care of it!” “Sure, mom!” he said excitedly, moving to the foot of the bed and sitting down. I enjoyed it a lot mom” he smiled, “but only if you did too!” he quickly added

I made sure to take the inside, forcing Chris to sit down on my left, next to where Lily was seated.
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Just enough for two. ANytime with her

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. It was a few days after halloween which was an amazing weekend
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